Draw Up the Plans for Your Dream Home

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Why settle for drab designs? Style your home the smart way by hiring Sketchy By Design. Our company specializes in drawing up designs for homeowners, real estate developers and contractors. We can plan out a beautiful kitchen and spacious bathroom for your house. You can trust us to take the dream home you envisioned and put it on paper.

Want to redesign your kitchen cabinets or closet storage? We partner with a cabinet supplier. You can buy beautiful new cabinets from us and fit them into your current home design. If you choose to buy cabinets through our partnership, we'll even waive our design fee.

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Think of us when you need designs drawn up

We can design your whole house top to bottom, or just a kitchen remodel. Get ready for your new construction or remodeling project the right way with our design services. We'll draw up the blueprints for you so you can bring your vision to life.

We'll help you:

  • Maximize storage space in your closet
  • Create an open floorplan home
  • Plan out your bathroom remodel
  • Build a modern or classic kitchen

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What makes Sketchy By Design right for you?

We have over six years of experience designing homes, and we know how to create spaces that people love for years to come. We also partner with a remodeling contractor to take ideas from dream to design to delivery. You can feel confident letting us design your home because we have excellent people skills and put our customers first.